Silver Buddha Candle



Thompson Ferrier's Metallic Silver Buddha candle is hand-sculpted and hand-poured in the USA with only the finest essential oils. 

This silver statement piece is designed in our NYC office and adds an elegant touch to your interior design. Each candle is individually filled with a proprietary wax blend, essential oils and 3 lead-free cotton wicks that provide a clean burn. 

If you love aromatherapy and are looking for potent and highly fragranced candles, we recommend shopping one of these scents and filling your home with some relaxing and soothing perfumes.

Fragrance Notes

Please See Fragrance Index

Burn Time

220-240 hours

Vessel Size

6.5" x 6.5" x 7" / 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm

Wax Weight

40 oz / 1200g

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Buddha

I simply love this candle . Apart from being extremely fragrant , it has a very peaceful vibe that it sends out. I have ordered two more, one in white and the other in gold. That’s how much I loved it.

Waste of money.

I purchased a Buddha candle in the most popular scent, orange blossom. I was excited to finally smell the candles after listening to that guy say how amazing they are on TT live. I should have recorded my un-boxing to show how disappointed I was. This scent was the worst of all three candles I ordered. It smells like a urinal cake in a run down gas station bathroom. Awful! I had to put it back in the box and get it out of my house. I do not recommend.

Hi Dallis,

Someone from our team will reach out to you immediately.Thank you for your continued support!


Thompson Ferrier

Cleopatra Candles Incredible

The most beautiful smelling candle ever in my life and I only use to buy Seda France but the way this is made is incredible. I’m so happy I saw the owner of Thompson Ferrier opening the box which these come in and his passion is like mine fork diamonds


Bought a Gold Budha great smell but left my house smoky and got my alarm triggered.

Hi Virginia,

I hope you're doing well and sorry to hear about your experience here! Someone from our team is reaching out about this to look into this.

Thompson Ferrier


Such an inspiring and peaceful work of art. Love seeing it on my coffee table with an orchid arrangement,