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Gold Malus Apple Candle
Helen Julfaian
Love it!!!

Smells amazing and looks amazing

It’s just okay. Not as impressive in person as it looks online.

Absolutely Beautiful vessel! Very fragrant.

My wife’s bracelet catch will not lock. I tried emailing with no response.

Love it.

This is 1 of my favorite fragrances. I would buy this again if it was available. Can't wait for the new fragrances coming. I have 1 new 1..

360 Degrees Of Luxury

There is something unexplainably luscious about this candle. From the unboxing thru the vessel thru the fragrance, it is 360 degrees of Luxury. Even literally, as you spin this "Cleopatra Buddha Royale" to her other side and notice her double sided charm. Follow these guys on Social Media. You will soon see their portfolio of products become part of global pop culture; a household name.

Exclusive Limited Edition II Imperial Woods
Luze silver leaf painted vessel and aromatic scent

Received this limited edition candle packaged already in a gift presentation including beautiful ribbon-wrapped box. The candle is best described and equally luminous and fragrant. It’s is so well crafted it elevates the space. I love it. Thompson Ferrier exceeded expectations yet again 🙌🏽

This was so pretty and really worth it

Gardenia Essential Oil Reed Diffuser Refill (2)

Valentine's Day Bundle I Gifted Pleasure
Michelle Estes
Involutus Valentines Day Pack

Involutus is so beautiful and amazing! I am in love! Also included was 2 Gardenia candles. Awesome deal incredible scents!


Love them


Love them they are the best candles u can buy

White Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box

Blanc Bergamot Blossom you surprised me with your powdery lovely fragrance. Another discontinued fragrance.

White Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box

Pink Procecco is delightful! Can't believe you are gone! Discontinued fragrance!

A. R. T. With fragrance

A state of the ART fragrance in a couture vessel

Black Elephant Candle
Christine David
Velvet Santal limited edition

I just received the limited edition scent called Velvet Santal. It’s absolutely AMAZING. You know when you give a man a hug and they have the best smelling cologne on, and you just want to keep inhaling it deeply? That’s how this scent is…. except it’s very soft and velvety. I just keep taking deep breaths to get it all in. I can’t get enough. The vanilla is outstanding!! This is my new favorite fragrance right there with Ash Ember Rose. The black elephant with the black wax is just so sexy and elegant. I hope this scent comes back!!! I will purchase this again! This is a number one winner must have.

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
David Sinnott
Love my candle.

I received this candle an loved it so much that I have bought 5 more candles. Great company with great faragences.

White Elephant Candle
Kristine Zdanowski
Great decor piece

When you purchase a Thompson Ferrier candle you aren't just getting a regular candle. It's a piece of decor that you can display. Since I found out about this company while I was scrolling through TikTok I have been a little obsessed. They have great customer service which I am a stickler for no matter if I am shopping at a store or a restaurant. This candle is a great addition to my shelf next to my white Budda and Involutus candle. I will never look at another candle the same way.

Majestic Bonaparte

This candle is beautiful with the flame flickering against the gold. The fragrance is exactly as described so rich and sexy. My favorite skull aesthetically and the fragrance is very vintage library with pipe tobacco and cognac and vanilla. Wonderful

Gardenia Candle & Diffuser Set - Repeat Customer

I received my second order of the Gardenia Candle & Diffuser set, I bought it as a gift for the holidays, but I fell in love with the scent and beauty of the set I had to keep it for myself! So I bought another set to keep on hand to give as a gift to someone special. Raffi & his team provide the most outstanding customer service, I love watching Raffi's live's as he is so personable. I have actually learned business expertise by watching them. Love the attention to detail to his customers!
Totally recommend his products, my next purchase hopefully will be one of the Monte Cristo collection!

Dark and enticing

The black Dantés skull is beautiful and the scent is so dark. It has a very sharp scent that makes your nose hairs stand up then a warm embrace follows it. Quite amazing really. Rich, dark and acrid but completely enticing. Fantastic job with this fragrance.

Silver Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
Cheryl Smith

Love it not burning it I smell it when I walk passed it. Buddha very beautiful

Involutus Corium
Mark Spencer
Crazy pricing for a bowl of was

You are the best salesman on the globe. Anyone who can sell candles - $6500 must have brass cojones!