"Truly an amazing luxurious brand. Not only are all of their candles just unique and elegant, but the variety of scents and aromas takes your senses on an adventure. The customer service is one of a kind. I wish more companies would value their customers as Raffi @ Thompson Ferrier does."
"Thompson Ferrier candles are amazing. I am impressed not only by the innovative design but also by its heavenly smell. These candles are hand poured and they put a lot of attention to each piece. Love the product their customer service as well."

"Thompson Ferrier candles are the best of the best! You can tell they put a lot of love and energy into their brand. They provide such unique fragrances, beautiful and high-quality designs and the best customer service, period!!!"
"The candles are my favorite. I'm really picky when it comes to smells and I love all of them. The scent fills up a room. They're not those candles that you light and no smell comes off. They're so good! Service is really good, too. Great quality all around and great people at the company."

"This is the best candle maker out there. His designs are so unique and stylish for your home. It's not just another candle, it's a timeless elegant stylish piece of decor for your home which happens to smell GREAT. I gave a friend of mine the elephant candle for a housewarming gift a year ago not knowing the quality of what I had purchased. I ended up buying 4 for myself to place around my home. The smell is so refreshing and serene. What I love most is when the candle is the finish you still have an awesome piece of decor to look at. Amazing company with GREAT customer service."

"I received a few of the luxury candles and immediately became obsessed! Not only am I very happy with these candles but, my entire family is as well! These scents have become one of my obsessions! Highly recommend!"

"Just the best candle for your house! Unique pieces and scents. It’s a statement that stands out and the smell it exudes is like no other. The smell lingers even when the candle is not lit. Thompson Ferrier is the best ❤️❤️❤️"

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"I am forever a Thompson Ferrier fan. Not just because of the quality products but because of the company owner, Raffi. He treats his customers like royalty. He doesn't care how big or how small your purchase may be...he honors us all. Great company, great product, great leader in Raffi."
"Unique, elegant, timeless, chic, one-of-a-kind candles. The quality, workmanship, artistry, and unique details of Thomson Ferrier make their products top of their class. The wax it’s the best of its kind, and each with its own exquisite aroma. Unequivocally extraordinaire. What’s not to LOVE!"
"By far the best Buddha Candles Collection I've seen and fragrances are amazing. Ask for Raffi he a pleasure to work with!"
"Thompson Ferrier candles are the best candles bar none. The scents are made with accurate precision, the vessels are statement pieces. I have four of his candles and let me tell you, they all smell divine. The French gardenia is my absolute favorite. The best customer service ever (you can take that to the bank) & Raffi is an exceptional human being. Had the honor of speaking with him & he’s such an inspiring man. He is undoubtedly the perfumed candle king."
"Wonderful company! The candles are gorgeous, top quality, first class. Such beautiful craftsmanship. The customer service is phenomenal! Truly exceptional service, fast shipping and follow through from the initial purchase to receipt of the product. Raffi is absolutely amazing, thoughtful and truly cares for, and is passionate about his customers, his company and wanting each person to be completely satisfied with their purchase! Every single customer is treated like they are his ONLY customer. Could not recommend this company more highly!!!"
"Ordered some pieces of candle - and they are just gorgeous! This man shows you what he does (I follow his IG), and he listen to his custumers and makes what you want. The last on his customerlist, is candles without scent."
"I have fallen in love... It was love at first sight... I’m talking about Thompson Ferrier candles...I have the Buddha and the pineapple... The amazing aroma from the candles has taken over my beautiful home... The candles are so gorgeous and luxurious and are the perfect pieces to any home decor!!!! It’s a must have and worth every penny ❤️"

"The candles are my favorite. I'm really picky when it comes to smells and I love all of them. The scent fills up a room. They're not those candles that you light and no smell comes off. They're so good! Service is really good, too. Great quality all around and great people at the company. They truly care about all of their customers!"

"I have never seen these candles in person but I took a gamble. Wow! They are super fragrant (I don't need to burn them to let the scent the room) and the candles smell divine! I am so glad I bought them and will buy them for gifts in the future. As an added bonus the customer service is also top-notch, with Raffi (the owner) handling it my questions personally!"
"This is one of the most superior candle companies out there. From scents to packaging that are basically works of art. Raffi accommodates everyone and is clearly the heart and soul. From big to small there is something for everyone❤️💁🔥"
"Incredible scents!! The candle holders/vessels are also very unique and well made, can't quite find anything like it elsewhere. It's a stunning display piece for my apartment!! The owner spent time with me figuring out which scent works best, the service overall was top notch!!"
"Hands down the best candles I have ever owned! I have quite a collection now and love them all. The vessels are a beautiful piece of art for your home, I always save them and reuse for florals or just to display. If that wasn’t enough, the customer service this company provides is hands down the best out there. You will be hard pressed to find anyone who does customer service like Thompson Ferrier!"

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Voice Mail By Customer

Diptyque VS. Thompson Ferrier Candle Review

As the owner of Thompson Ferrier, I wanted to create a video comparing both my candle and Diptyque’s candle to show how much more value Thompson Ferrier offers in terms of fragrance, essential oils and wax in our products.

Here are some things to consider:

Diptyque’s candle is 6.5oz and priced at $68, while Thompson Ferrier’s candle is 40oz and priced at $90. This means you would need to buy 6 Diptyque candles at $400 total to get the same amount of product as 1 Thompson Ferrier candle priced at $90.

So what about the fragrance value?

The usual industry average for fragrance load into the wax is between 8-13% but our candles never go below 18%.

So in comparison, there is 60 cents worth of essential oils in the Dyptique candle vs. over $7 in the Thompson Ferrier candle. You are essentially getting over 10X more with us.

Our goal is to give more, have the best customer service, the best fragrances and the best essential oils.

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