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Beautiful Buddha

I simply love this candle . Apart from being extremely fragrant , it has a very peaceful vibe that it sends out. I have ordered two more, one in white and the other in gold. That’s how much I loved it.

Smell Goods

Nothing like the care put into the fragrance of Thompson Ferrier smell goods

My favorite

One of the best designs in my opinion. Goes with so many rooms and fixtures, tons of fragrance options. You can't go wrong with it.

Be Grateful

More than ever we have to Be Grateful for the little things in our life. Show kindness in every action in your life . Be Graceful to people in your life. This is the perfect candle for Christmas

Gold Buddha

Love my new candle. He’s a beauty!

Marks on both bubba heads

Cassis Pomegranate | Amber Jar Scented Candle [HUMAN]
Divine Candles

The scent of this candle lasts long after the flame is out. The aroma fills my home. Pomegranate has never smelled so sweet.


I gifted these candles to friends as housewarming gifts. Received raved reviews. Thank you for creating such divine candles.

Don’t bring it on the plane

Love this candle but caution before when you take it through airport security. Can be embarrassing yet super funny when they pull it out of your bag!!

Buddha - Cashmere Petals

Artistic Flair - Amazing Hi I'm from Australia . I don't usually write reviews ,but I came across these beautiful candles one day while searching the internet This is my 3rd Buddah Candle. This scent is quite like any other, fresh ,delicate , delicious, simply elegant (cashmere Petals) I've welcomed Thompson Ferrier into our home ,all scents are amazing. Exceptional Service. Thank you. Silvana P 😊

Devine Interiors

My most favorite candle is the alligator candle. I have purchased ones is gold and silver and love them both. Such a statement piece. Bravo Thompson Ferrier! I’ll be back for more.

Wine Me & Dine Me - Deep Purple Fragranced Nail Polish
Very Nice Color, Smooth Looking

The nail polish goes on smoothly with a slight gloss

Michelle's Life

I want to thank You for making my living room smell so beautifully you would set me a free one and the purple one gardenia and I just love it and I appreciate it I gave it to my daughter it helps her just knowing that it can calm her down it makes a big difference in my life and hers thank you Toya Mccullah.

Amazing 😻

You never fails. Your products are always on point. Am happy to be one of your loyal customers. Thank you for making my home smell fabulous.

Good Vibes Only.

Excelente message from this seasons.
Buy this beautiful candle for a Christmas gift. This is the only thing we need “ Good Vibes Only “

Did not receive.

Did not come with my order.

Hi Dallis,

This product is not a real purchasable product, rather a placeholder as a fragrance. Please know someone from our team will reach out to you immediately.Thank you for your continued support!


Thompson Ferrier

Waste of money.

I purchased a Buddha candle in the most popular scent, orange blossom. I was excited to finally smell the candles after listening to that guy say how amazing they are on TT live. I should have recorded my un-boxing to show how disappointed I was. This scent was the worst of all three candles I ordered. It smells like a urinal cake in a run down gas station bathroom. Awful! I had to put it back in the box and get it out of my house. I do not recommend.

Hi Dallis,

Someone from our team will reach out to you immediately.Thank you for your continued support!


Thompson Ferrier

Not impressed.

I got my candle in some sort of pomegranate scent that ended up smelling like Zote soap and citronella. I am very disappointed in this candle even though it was the best smelling of the three candles I wasted my money on.

great gift

just gave the candle to my interior designer friend who already has the silver skull king. He Loved this one too.
smells wonderful and my only suggestion would be that it would be awesome to have the candle inserts to replace as the vessel is so beautiful you don't want to just "throw it away" after the candle burns.


I got this candle with a BOGONOW discount. The smell I asked for, were cashmere Petal and it was amazing. This smell is very soft not overwhelming strong. I have this candle,on my dinning room table and the elephant adds a very nice decorative touch. I give these candles 5✨️ and also give Raffi 5✨️ he have awesome customer skills.


The TF line of products scream luxury and elegance, and a deep passion you can see immediately without even opening the box. Stop second guessing yourself; you deserve this

Gardenia diffuser

Thank you for sending my purchase to me so quickly, and so well packed. I love the scent of Gardenia but I don't feel this is true to the scent. While it is very nice I find it a bit overpowering. I'll keep it but probably won't re-buy it.

Hi Helen,

Someone from our team will reach out to you immediately.Thank you for your continued support!


Thompson Ferrier

Beautiful Fragrance, but…

I ordered a few small candles to try out the formulation before I splurge. Packaging was top notch. Wrapped and protected very well.

The fragrance was amazing, but the wicks burn terrible. Very sooty and mushroom so quickly that even trimming after use doesn’t keep them from falling into the candle while it’s burning. The soot/burn residue is overwhelming. Wax formula is very soft causing the wick to shift very quickly to the side of the candle upon melting. I assume this is only a problem with the single wick small jars (maybe that’s why they are clearance) I’m patiently waiting for the skulls to be restocked so I can treat myself for the holidays. For me, the burn quality is equally as important as the fragrance throw so I am shockingly unimpressed. Hopefully the larger, multi wick candles will perform better.

Hi Tara,

Someone from our team will reach out to you immediately.Thank you for your continued support!


Thompson Ferrier

It’s you

Incredible candle with a simple message.
It’s you… Very comical way to let your better half know that they may have ,some small problem…. Great Christmas gift

Did not disappoint

As expected, I am a happy customer. The lingering smell is intoxicating…please try it out…