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Gold Buddha Candle
Kenny Blumstein
Sensational Service

This candle maker has thought of every smart detail & don’t delay haven’t their fragrances in your home. KennyB


After a long day at work I love to light my elephant candle and just breathe in the intoxicating smell. It instantly relaxes me!

White Buddha Candle
Caterina Boboc
I love it!!

This is not only a great scented candle, but also a beautiful decor piece for your home.

I absolutely love it and every one of my friends who visited me commented on how well the house smells

It is definitely worth every single penny.

Don’t wait!! Get it now

Sophisticated Elegance

Selected the Buddha as a gift to present as a thank you to a designer who fabricates Luxury Furniture. The packaging is spectacular and drives the expectation of what awaits inside the box. The reveal does not disappoint. The designer was delighted with the gift. He remarked how lovely, the glass work amazing, and the fragrance & packaging stunning. Raffi Thank you so much for your special attention to my order. 🌟

(4 Candles) Valentine's Day Mix & Match Midnight Mystery Collection
Alicia P
Black Mystery Candle

This black candle is very disappointing to me because I absolutely love the white/clear ones. This candle has no fragrance and will not stay lit. I'm not sure what's the problem, but I will not order the black one again.

Painters Pallet

Love the scent and love the colors in awesome glass!


Bought three for my car 🚙 placed one in my room very good scent.

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
valerie Williams
Gold Buddha Candle

I recently purchased the Thompson Ferrier Gold Buddha Candle and I am in love with it! Not only is the candle aesthetically pleasing with its gold-colored design, but it also has an amazing scent. The combination of jasmine and sandalwood is both calming and soothing, perfect for nights when I want to unwind. I especially appreciate that the candle is made with a natural cotton wick, which ensures that it burns cleanly and safely. I'm very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend the Gold Buddha Candle to anyone looking for a beautiful and relaxing scent.

Refill Tray | Gold Grand Alligator (1 Tray)
codie Henderson
The Smell!!!

This has to be what heaven smells like. I have two different scents and I can't choose which one I love more. The midnight orchid scent and Ash Ember Rose scents will have you wondering what else have you missed in life. Absolutely amazing and I can't wait to gety next set of scents.

Car freshener

The wife loved them and they gave her car a fresh aroma. Thank you

Pure Perfection! ✨

This candle is the next level luxury for any space! From the authentic, very aesthetically pleasing design to the chic vessel and the fragrance, it's pure perfection! I'm a huge luxury candle fan and this specific candle is at the top of my choices. It makes your space smell like perfume and complements any minimalist decor! Would definitely recommend this for any gift! Trust me, best choice!

Loving my candle

Just received my first candle purchase from you and I’m over the moon! It is more beautiful in person and the smell….OH BABY! I am hooked and will definitely recommend your candles. It is the little pleasure in life that put a smile on my face. Thanks, and can’t wait to see what you have in store next.

Refill Tray | Gold Grand Alligator (1 Tray)
Gold Refill Trays

These refill trays are just as beautiful as the scent and makes a great stand-alone!

Product review

Good afternoon, Sir
We love the candles and the aroma that is gives our home. What I find is the value on these candles has increased over the last few months. I understand you are seeking a deep pocket client, you need to diversify your candles to reach the masses. Not everyone can afford to burn a 2 or 3 hundreds dollar candle. Keep in mind you picked a large following through Tiktok, so try and keep true to your audience who are helping you establish your brand. Love the candles but I want more but can't always burn the high end candles.

Wonderful Candle 🕯️

Wife loves it! Candle smells amazing. I want to say like honey suckles. Strong enough to make any room smell delicious. Would buy again!

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
B Johnson
Beautiful item for your home

The care is shown in the Packaging and creation of this candle !! The pleasant scent of the candle goes through my home and makes it a cozy environment to relax. I’m
Very happy with this purchase and will be making more purchases in the near future.

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
Best candle!!!!!

Love the candles. Great scent, wonderful throw. Truly a piece of art!

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
Brenda Osibin
Gold Buddha Candle

I did open it when I received it and it smells great! I bought this for my home that I have not bought yet but plan to in the next couple of months. I can not wait to use it but it will be the blessing of my new home!

Elagant candle

Beautiful candle would recommend it to anyone

Simply amazing candle with perfect detail

Buy this now! Worth every penny … thx Raffi

Wonderfully surprised

Absolutely loved my candle and the scent is divine !

Gold Buddha Candle | Out-Of-The-Box
Top notch

Love the scent and throw of the candles. Beautiful pieces of art. Highly recommend

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Thompson Ferrier

Silver Elephant Candle

worth a second one

I have this is white and it is worth the money to get it in silver. is this where I sign up. 😜

Golden Elephant

The out of the box elephant candle was packed with care.