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Black Elephant Candle


Bring a sense of elegance and mystery to your home with our Thompson Ferrier Decorative Black Elephant 2-wick scented candle. Each candle is hand-sculpted and hand-poured in the USA with only the finest essential oils curated by Swiss perfume house Givaudan, evoking the ancient tales of strength and wisdom.

Our signature black elephant ceramic vessel, designed in our NYC office, is a symbol of power and mystery. Filled with a proprietary wax blend and finished with 2 wicks, this candle is a work of art that provides a clean and long-lasting burn. The sleek black design adds a touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom, and the ash ember rose fragrance will transport you to a world of mystery and sophistication.

Experience the ultimate in luxury home decor, fragrance, and storytelling with our Thompson Ferrier Decorative Black Elephant 2-wick scented candle.

Fragrance Notes

Ash Ember Rose: rose, santal, amber, oud, vetiver, vanilla

Burn Time

200-220 hrs

Vessel Size

8" x 4" x 7" / 20.7cm x 10.2cm x 17.8cm

Wax Weight

28 oz / 800 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Beautiful - First Class

I am thoroughly impressed with the exceptional quality of the candles I recently purchased. I bought a gold Buddha and a silver Buddha, both of which emit a delightful fragrance even when unlit. I am eagerly anticipating lighting them for the first time at my upcoming dinner party next month. The decision to purchase these candles was influenced by following your TikTok account, and I can confidently say that I have absolutely no regrets. I am beyond pleased with my purchase and highly recommend these candles to others. I am already looking forward to buying more in the future. NOW I know why you are called the "King of Candles". Congrats on the success of your business.

Catherine Del Toro

Not only in this candle absolutely stunning and beautiful, it smells absolutely amazing. My entire home smells like paradise thanks to this candle. I highly recommend!!!!


Love them they are the best candles u can buy

Christine David
Velvet Santal limited edition

I just received the limited edition scent called Velvet Santal. It’s absolutely AMAZING. You know when you give a man a hug and they have the best smelling cologne on, and you just want to keep inhaling it deeply? That’s how this scent is…. except it’s very soft and velvety. I just keep taking deep breaths to get it all in. I can’t get enough. The vanilla is outstanding!! This is my new favorite fragrance right there with Ash Ember Rose. The black elephant with the black wax is just so sexy and elegant. I hope this scent comes back!!! I will purchase this again! This is a number one winner must have.

Christine David
Black Elephant

I am completely obsessed with this candle and its fragrance. The leather comes through so nicely. The sweet tobacco, the fresh roses, and hint of vanilla are exquisite. It has such depth to it. Every time I walk by this candle and smell Ash amber rose, I am transported to a place of elegance. Absolute perfection.