Gold Sagano Candle



Thompson Ferrier's Gold Sagano candle is made with ceramic and hand finished to ensure that every detail stands out in your home. This statement piece is hand filled with a proprietary wax blend, all natural essential oils perfumed by Swiss fragrance house Givaudan and 2 cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn.

Place this candle on your living room coffee table or in your bedroom and indulge in rich fragrances for some aromatherapy.

Inspiration Behind the Name

This hand finished candle was inspired by the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto Japan. Each vessel finished by hand to ensure that all intricate details of the bamboo tree are clearly outlined. 

The bamboo tree is known as "a symbol of strength and power that wards off evil". We were inspired by the bamboo tree and this breathtaking forest because of its rich history, symbolism and family-like quality.

During growing season, bamboo trees spread their roots underground and plant new canes ("seeds") that start to grow their own trees. 

What's interesting, though, is that with every generation (so every growing season), the new bamboo trees grow taller than the generation before. That's why you'll always find bamboo trees of various heights in a single forest.

We've designed our Sagano collection based on the empowering lessons we can all take away from looking at a bamboo forest. Make each generation better than the last.

Every generation should inspire us to be better and stronger than the last. Let's spread our roots, share our love and watch each other grow.

Decorate with purpose and meaning.  

Fragrance Notes

Please See Fragrance Index

Burn Time

210-220 hours

Vessel Size

5" x 5" x 6"

Wax Weight

34 oz / 960 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Epitome of luxurious

This Metallic Gold Sagano candle is pure luxurious opulence!! Absolutely stunning vessel of pure heaven!! The Palo Santo scent is out of this world amazing!! Such a gorgeous statement piece!!


More thank I expected very pretty!


I absolutely love the Sagano Gold candle. I was blown away at how beautiful and stylish it was. I chose the ivory musk scent and I must say it hardly has a smell at all. Unlike the Malus Apple it’s aroma Is so powerful all you have to do is take the lid off.


Best candles ever

Gorgeous vessel, lack of candle scent

I absolutely love my new Sagano candle! First off, the vessel is so heavy and luxurious. I got the scent gardenia!! And it’s amazing!!! I smelled it through the box and it fills up my home with a fresh floral aroma.

Hi Donice, Thank you for placing an order with us and I apologize that you're unsatisfied with your purchase. Someone from our team is reaching out to look into this for you.