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Black "Un Rêve" Perfume Bracelet B



Black "Un Rêve" Perfume Bracelet B: Introducing the 'Un Rêve Bracelet' by Thompson Ferrier, a fusion of luxury jewelry and perfume that redefines personal fragrance. This unique piece lets you carry your favorite scents stylishly with you throughout the day, eliminating the need to spray directly on your skin.

The bracelet is meticulously crafted with 18-karat gold plating on brass, exuding an air of sophisticated elegance. It is 7 inches in length and .75 inches wide, designed to comfortably fit and compliment your wrist.

The 'Un Rêve Bracelet' comes with four fragrance-free ceramic inserts, each 1.5 inches in length and .62 inches wide. These inserts are crafted for you to imbue with your chosen fragrance, creating a personalized scent experience that lasts throughout the day.

The bracelet and its inserts are presented in an elegantly designed enamel box, enhancing the luxury experience and making it a perfect gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.

With the 'Un Rêve Bracelet', you're not just wearing a piece of luxury jewelry; you're expressing your individuality through your favorite fragrances. Experience the innovative blend of style and scent with Thompson Ferrier's 'Un Rêve Bracelet'.

Box details: 5" wide X 5" deep X 2" height


Return Policy Terms

A full refund will be issued upon the return of the bracelet on condition that it has not been scrathed.  We suggest you remove all your jewelry when you are ready to try on your new bracelet.  In the event the bracelet does not fit, please place it exactly the way it was packaged and return to us for our inspection.  Only after inspection and confirmation that there are no visable scratches on the bracelet, will we issue a full refund.  In the event we find scratches, then we will ship the bracelet back to you without issueing a refund.  Please note that we document by taking pictures of every single bracelet with the order prior to shipping.  Thank you for your understanding of the terms. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Powell
Surprise from the man himself Raffi

This bracelet is beautiful and extravagant. I would recommend to any man that enjoys class

Sandy Bernasky

I bought two. Gave one as a gift! Both her and I love, love the bracelets. Came in a beautiful box. That I will reuse for other things! I get compliments all the time!!

Gorgeous bracelet

I absolutely adore my bracelet; it's stunning! I wear it nearly every day and receive countless compliments. Its durability impresses me, and I appreciate its dual function as both a stunning piece of jewelry and a delightful vessel for my favorite perfume's scent.

Fernando Romero
Quality jewelry

This bracelet has weight to it in a good way. I thought it would be light weight, but it’s a finely crafted piece of jewelry! It is very elegant and beautiful.

Tracy Scott-Silva
Perfume bracelet

Thanks Raffi i love it.. i was treated like a queen. Your customer service is too notch like your beautiful products you sell. I am a customer for life.