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Silver Grand Alligator Candle


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Thompson Ferrier's silver Grand Alligator candle was designed as a decorative statement piece that could also serve to fragrance your home. This ceramic candle is detailed by hand to ensure that every aspect of the design stands out to the eye. Thompson Ferrier's silver Grand Alligator candle allows you to fill the room with fragrance while decorating boldly.

Each silver Grand Alligator candle comes with a scaled alligator cover (lid) so that the candle can be hidden should you decide not to light it. The bottom of each figurine is also finished with our signature blue velvet.

Each alligator has a removable tray and comes with 4 refill trays. We hand pour each tray with highly fragranced essential oils, a proprietary wax blend and finish it off with 2 lead-free cotton wicks to ensure a clean burn. This candle is available in your choice of 5 fragrances and upon purchase, you will receive 4 trays of your selected fragrance. 

Fragrance Notes

Please See Fragrance Index

Burn Time

70 hours

Vessel Size

22" x 11" x 7"

Wax Weight

396g / 14 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The “GOLD GATOR” as it’s called @ our House! Great addition to the interior, the trays give you the option to try and burn diff scents very easy!
This is definitely a conversation piece !
It’s Super Sexy Art!

What a magnificent piece.

This alligator 🐊 is absolutely gorgeous. It’s perfect at our Lake House. The Bulgarian Rose 🌹 is lovely and sophisticated. Thanks for another beautiful piece of art.


Such a fun piece! Love it. Stunning and great quality!

Dale Zimmerman
Alligator candle

Love this candle and some piece of artwork the packaging was impeccable it came so well protected I was waiting to see if it was going to be cracked or anything but it was not it looks absolutely beautiful I would recommend this piece to anybody it’s an I love the orange smell for the candle is smells awesome but I ordered this piece again yes if I needed to it is a beautiful piece you have to think of it as artwork not have a candle

It’s Great to be a Florida Gator

I had to have this piece as an alumnae of the University of Florida. It does not disappoint as a centerpiece of my living room coffee table. The look, however, does the scent no justice. Lighting it up allow me to scent up the entire living room space even with high ceilings. I am hooked on these candles.
And Raffi makes the buying experience an absolute pleasure. He responds to inquiries within 24 hours and goes out of his way to ensure you are HAPPY! Love him and his hospitality. Can’t wait to pay him a visit in New York.