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Supernova | Clear Glass Buddha Lined with Pure Silver

SKU: TF-50852

 *Every Thompson Ferrier candle from the Buddha Royale collection is made with all natural essential oils, a soy wax blend, cotton wicks and lined with pure silver*

Inspiration Behind the Name

Silver, a precious gift from the universe.

Do you know how silver came into existence? If you love stars and everything about the universe, I’ve got a juicy story for you. Silver comes from space! 

This precious material is born when a star explodes, during a “supernova”. A supernova is a powerful and extremely bright stellar explosion that happens at the last life stage of a massive star. When the star dies, it spews tons of heavy metals into the atmosphere, one of which is the precious silver we love and wear today. 

We chose silver for this candle, because we wanted to emphasize the birth of something beautiful in the midst of chaos. When a star dies, it doesn’t just become fragmented pieces of who it used to be, but instead it transforms itself into entirely new pieces of precious materials and heavy metals. We love this story because of how representative it is of our personal evolutions.

This glass buddha head candle lined with silver is a symbol of how our life cycle is similar to that of a star’s… somewhat. Think about though, how many times have things felt like they’ve exploded only for you to realize what came from it was more precious than what you had before?

Candle comes in a black Thompson Ferrier gift box.

Fragrance Notes: Cocoa, Peony Accord, Litchi Accord, Patchouli, Turkish Rose, Ginger, Bergamot.

Candle Burn Time: 220-240 hours
Wax Weight: 40 oz / 1200g
Vessel Size: 6.5" x 6.5" x 7" / 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm


*Please note this item will ship Sept. 30*