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The Chinchilla Fur Candle



The Chinchilla Fur Candle: Experience luxury and elegance with our Chinchilla Fur Candle. This exclusive design features a vertical branded reveal that showcases the candle's beauty, making it the perfect addition to your home decor.

The signature cap is handcrafted using premium ebony Madagascar wood and features a Thompson Ferrier medallion at the center. The cap is finished off with 17 layers of lacquer for a flawless mirrored look.

Our Chinchilla Fur Candle is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, as even experienced hands have trouble working with this delicate material. To ensure the preservation of the chinchilla fur, the candle is nestled in a custom-designed box that prevents matting and allows the fur to breathe.

Please note that this candle is custom made to order and requires a 2-week lead time for selecting the AAA grade pelt, and an additional 3-4 weeks for crafting and shipping. Order now and indulge in the ultimate fragrance experience with our unique and luxurious Chinchilla Fur Candle.

Fragrance Notes

Please See Fragrance Index

Burn Time

240 - 280 hours

Vessel Size

8" x 8" x 8"

Wax Weight

50 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
A Look of Elegance

I purchased this for my home and it is an absolute stunning piece. It brings about conversation with everyone and anyone who enters the space. I love it and am fortunate to be able to afford it. It is not at all overpriced. If you want nice things, you have to save for them. It’s a definite investment.

Audrey B
Absolutely Disgusting

This is part of whats wrong with the world today! Killing innocent animals to make a candle!!! And it’s not only the candlemaker but the selfish uncaring humans that buy it!!! SHAMEFUL!!!

Gross abomination

This is absolutely horrific and disgusting - to justify the killing of living beings so their fur can be placed on a candle? Disgusting and soulless people run this company. Not to mention their products seem elegant and sophisticated but then you have skulls to put a dark morbid twist on a company that might've been classy.

Kim Cushman
Not cool

Fur is for the animals it was sliced off of.

Disgusting, you for selling it and the "people" who actually purchase this.

Yes H

This is disgusting!