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White Elephant Candle



Bring a sense of serenity and balance to your home with our Thompson Ferrier Decorative White Elephant 2-wick scented candle. Each candle is hand-sculpted and hand-poured in the USA with only the finest essential oils curated by Swiss perfume house Givaudan, evoking the ancient tales of strength and wisdom.

Our signature white elephant ceramic vessel, designed in our NYC office, is a symbol of purity and simplicity. Filled with a proprietary wax blend and finished with 2 wicks, this candle is a work of art that provides a clean and long-lasting burn. The elegant white design adds a touch of minimalism to your living room or bedroom, and the neroli eucalyptus fragrance will transport you to a world of serenity and balance.

Experience the ultimate in luxury home decor, fragrance, and storytelling with our Thompson Ferrier Decorative White Elephant 2-wick scented candle.

Fragrance Notes

Neroli Eucalyptus: bitter orange, eucalyptus, neroli, lavender, orange blossom, sandalwood

Burn Time

200-220 hrs

Vessel Size

8" x 4" x 7" / 20.7cm x 10.2cm x 17.8cm

Wax Weight

28 oz / 800 g

Customer Reviews

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Kristine Zdanowski
Great decor piece

When you purchase a Thompson Ferrier candle you aren't just getting a regular candle. It's a piece of decor that you can display. Since I found out about this company while I was scrolling through TikTok I have been a little obsessed. They have great customer service which I am a stickler for no matter if I am shopping at a store or a restaurant. This candle is a great addition to my shelf next to my white Budda and Involutus candle. I will never look at another candle the same way.

Lornafe C Catbagan
Amazing Candles / Packing

I bought 2 white elephant candles out of the box. Wow I'm very amazed of how well they packaged them ( it was doubled box and lots of air cushions). They arrived safely to me. Love the design of the elephant. The fragrance is amazing, I don't even need to light them up.

Balraj Cheema
candies from heaven

i’ve been a big fan of your candles for a while and had to purchase one just to see if the hype was worth it and my god it doesn’t disappoint, my xmas is now complete x thx ralfi and can’t wait for my next purchase

Christine David
White Elephant

This candle is absolute perfection. I am giving this away as a gift and I cannot wait to see the look on their face! I wasn’t sure if I would like the scent, but WOW! You can’t go wrong with any of the scents. They are all outstanding! I can’t say enough about this brand. The costomer service is the best there is! I spoke with Brielle and I think she just might be the sweetest, most kind person on this planet. I will definitely be back for more purchases!