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Love: What Makes Me Tick
Have LOVE in your heart. With love and in love, the way you treat people, the way you handle work, the way you manage your challenges, the way you have faith and the way you run your life is and has been my gage for nearly everything that I do. It was an instantaneous want to collaborate when I came across Marco Santini's messages of Love, Positivity and NYC Skyline. There is no place like NYC and we all know the energy it has. You just get that feeling when you are in NYC. Imagine: LOVE in 43 languages. Imagine: Messages of Positivity. Imagine: NY skyline with messages of Positivity and Love. I am thrilled to bring his message to you in art and in fragrance curated to connect the fantasy of fragrance to Marco's art.

Love in 43 Languages:
T1. Afrikaans (South Africa) = lief 2. Arabic (Egypt, Morocco, UAE)= حب 3. Armenian (Armenia) = Սեր 4. Chinese (China) = 爱 5. Corsican (Corsica) = amuri 6. Croatian (Croatia) = ljubav (REPEAT) 7. Czech (Czechia) = milovat 8. Dutch (Netherlands) = liefde 9. English (USA) = love 10. French (France) = amour 11. German (Germany) = Liebe 12. Greek (Greece) = αγάπη 13. Haitian Creole (Haiti) = renmen 14. Hawaiian (Hawaii) = aloha 15. Hebrew (Israel) = אהבה 16. Hindi (India) = मोहब्बत 17. Icelandic (Iceland) = ást 18. Indonesian (Indonesia) = cinta 19. Irish (Ireland) = grá 20. Italian (Italy) = amore 21. Japanese (Japan) = 愛 22. Javanese (Indonesia and Suriname) = katresnan 23. Korean (South Korea) = 애정 24. Lao (Laos) = ຮັກ 25. Latin (Vatican) = amare 26. Lithuanian (Lithuania) = meilė 27. Maori (North Island of New Zealand) = aroha 28. Marathi (Maharashtra, India) = प्रेम 29. Nepali (Nepal) = माया
30. Polish (Poland) = miłość 31. Portuguese (Brazil, Portugal) = amor 32. Punjabi (Pakistan and India)= ਪਿਆਰ 33. Russian (Russia) = люблю 34. Sign Language (Australia? Antartica?) = \ii/_ 35. Spanish (Spain) = amor 36. Swahili (Tanzania, Burundi, Congo (Kinshasa) Kenya, Mayotte, Mozambique, Oman, Rwanda, Somalia, South Africa, Uganda) = upendo 37. Swedish (Sweden) = kärlek 38. Turkish (Turkey) = Aşk 39. Ukrainian (Ukraine) = кохання 40. Urdu (Pakistan, western India) = محبت 41. Vietnamese (Vietnam) = yêu 42. Welsh (Wales) = cariad 43. Zulu (South Africa)= uthando --- 44. *Life – Egyptian 45. ॐ *Om 46. *XO
strong>Marco Santini.

Fragrance Notes: Vanilla Bouquet - Vanilla, Orchid, Creamy Sandalwood

Weight: 15.5oz 439g
Scent: TBD



This is a collaboration between Marco Santini and Thompson Ferrier.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight 1.0000
Country of Manufacture
Special Price No
Color Silver


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