Gunmetal Alexandre Skull in Scenteurs et Passion


COSMO Magazine Rated: "TOP 20 CANDLE BRANDS"

Thompson Ferrier's Gunmetal Alexandre skull wearing a crown is designed in our NYC office hand detailed to ensure that every intricate aspect of the design is visible to the eye.

Each candle is individually filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and a single cotton wick that provides a clean burn allowing you to indulge in a luxury experience of soothing aromatherapy. 

This scent is a smooth blend of sandalwood and amber infused with a hint of patchouli and jasmine.

The gunmetal skull is a bold statement piece that can be used to decorate your coffee table, bedroom vanity, or even your entryway table. This ceramic electroplated fragranced candle is for those who aren't afraid to decorate their home with skull art and for those who like to appreciate design.

Gift one, and keep one. There's a reason this candle comes in a gift box.

Candle Burn Time: 140 - 180 hours
Wax Weight: 23.3 oz / 660g
Vessel Size: 5" x 5" x 7" / 12.7cm x 12.7cm x 17.8cm
Box Size: 7" x 8" x 9" / 17.8cm x 20.3cm x 22.9cm 

Fragrance Notes: Scenteurs et Passion: Sandalwood, Amber, Patchouli, Jasmine

Customer Reviews

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Skull obsessed

Loved it so much I got two more for gifts !


The finish on this candle seems cheap and scratches easily. I had my eye on this candle for months and when I finally got it, I was very disappointed that the finish was able to be accidentally scratched with a fingernail while handling. It has scratched more since then, and I'm not even sure how.

Love the Gunmetal

I love this candle. The fragrance is perfect. Cool skull.

Amazing Customer Service!

I can’t say enough about how prompt and attentive the Thompson Ferrier team is. Even got a call from Raffi himself. This candle is amazing!

LOVE my candle!!!!

GORGEOUS candle with lovely scent. It's actually larger than I anticipated, and the candle holder alone would make an amazing centerpiece-- let alone the amazing candle! It came in incredible packaging, I don't think it could have been broken if the mail carriers tried. I need 3 more