Value Pack Poetry Collection- Zach Whitman

$128.00 $100.00

Thompson Ferrier and NYC artist and poet Zach Whitman have collaborated to create a candle gift set including 4 poetry candles.

Each candle is hand poured with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and a single cotton wick to provide a clean burn. Every vessel is made of amber glass and comes as a jar with a black plastic cover that covers the candle when not lit.

This is a great value deal if you're looking to give someone a sentimental gift or if you're just looking for a great bundle.

Value pack including 4 separate poems:

- 1 “Future” scented candle
- 1 “Passion” scented candle
- 1 “Understand” scented candle
- 1 “Opposite” scented candle

Each candle is valued at $32 each for a total of $128.
Our value pack is $100 for a $28 savings!

Customer Reviews

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I love it! My husband gave me a Thompson Ferrier candle with a personalized poem from Mr. Whitman and I still have it to this day. I immediately used the candle and have finished it a couple of years ago. However, I still keep it on my mantle because of the beautiful poem and once in a while I will open the jar to have a wiff of the lingering scent and it takes me back to that day. It's a delicious memento I keep enjoying.


The candles are amazing and I love them. You will easily become addicted.

Little Candle with a BIG Punch

I purchased these because they expressed well who I am and what I want to exude to others who enter my home and various rooms. The messages themselves were enough, but the scents envelopes the room fully without being overpowering. Thank you, Raffi, for once again delivering on your promise to make me a satisfied customer.