Midnight Mystery | 5 Layered Scented Candle



Knowing what you love requires experiencing the moment. Once you experience something you love, then you are able to go back to it and repeat the moment. Midnight Mystery allows you the opportunity to experience 5 fragrances in one candle. The name Midnight Mystery was an homage to moments that happen at night that sometimes surprise you and create a lust to have it again. How do you know you love certain foods if you don’t taste them. Allow me to surprise you with fragrances you have not experienced. It’s a mystery. I am not going to tell you what you are getting before you buy, as it defeats the purpose. The mystery is the not knowing and experiencing the fragrance first hand without any presuppositions or assumptions. 

Each Midnight Mystery candle will be custom poured with five different fragrances in five layers. We will pour the liquid wax 1/5th of the way and let it solidify.  Then we will pour the next fragrance an additional 1/5th of the way and allow that layer to solidify and so on. Once you begin to burn the candle, you will begin to experience the five different fragrances not all at once but layer by layer as your candle burns down to the end. Along the way, I suggest you take notes as you will not know what fragrance we have mixed for you. With your purchase, you will receive a secret code. The secret code can only be redeemed once you provide a picture of the candle completely finished and burnt. Then we will email you the five fragrances that you have experienced. 

The fragrances are poured in a custom made glass that has gray smokey finish with "Midnight Mystery" etched on it. There are two wicks to dispense the fragrance and essential oils during burning. This is a very mysterious candle and it should be treated as such.

These five fragrances will become available for custom fill in the Buddha and Elephant at a later date.

Life is an exploration. Love is a journey. There are only a handful of things that have meaning to us and our private time to rejuvenate is one of those meaningful moments. How we curate our surrounding and what aromas we use to create those moments are very personal.

I hope with this exploration, you will find something special that is meaningful to you.

With love,



Burn Time: 90 - 100 hours
Wax Weight: 14 oz / 397 g
Vessel Size: 4” X 4" 

Customer Reviews

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Midnight mystery

One of the best selling scented candle in the TF catalog. The fragrance bouquet is incredible, immersive aroma that will take you to discover spices in the orient. This is a need to have candle in 2023❤️❤️❤️

Mystery candle

Very spoiled by the top fragrance- it’s the best- but don’t know what is is?!

Mystery i 👏🏼😍👋🏼

The name is perfect , 🥰

Amazing scent perfect packing

I wad overwhelmed with the packing for just one candle ..I love it and the scent is amazing

Love it!

It’s a beautiful candle. It’s fun and smells great. Can’t wait to see if I guessed the scents correctly. I’ll be purchasing again. Thank you!