Gold Malus (Apple)


Made of ceramic, this Malus scented candle is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils fragranced by Swiss perfume house Givaudan and cotton wicks that offer a clean burn. A bold scented candle made to be put on display as a statement piece that offers aromatherapy. 

Candle Burn Time: 180-220 hours
Wax Weight: 20oz / 550 g
Vessel Size: 7.5" X 5.5" X 5.5"

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Gold Malus Apple candle it’s to die for.

I love so much my Gold Malus Apple candle . It’s such a beautiful piece and at the same time a luxurious candle with an exotic smell . When I light it my house smells so good. I will I think every one need one in their home

Love the size and Quality

I absolutely love and recommend it, the apple size is perfect, big and so well made..the scent is strong absolutely love the scent..Quality,elegance and great smell..100% recommend it

Highly scented and beautiful

Gorgeous gold apple with a fresh sparkling citrus fragrance. ( *citrus ,apple ,pear)
I will enjoy the beautiful apple as part of my home decor, long after the candle is gone !

Such a stunning candle

Absolutely obsessed with this stunning candle from Thompson Ferrier. Totally captivates you in this beautiful amazing fragrance and lasts so long in any space. The pretty apple looks gorgeous displayed anywhere honestly and is definitely a conversation starter piece because of hows beautiful it looks. Do yourself a favor and get one for sure.

The Amazing Gold Malus (Apple )

I’ve never seen or smell a candle so luxurious and gorgeous before. The fragrance is so soft and rich with a soft hint of sweet apples. When you take the top off the aroma just fills the room and when you light it the whole house smells absolutely amazing!!! 🤩 🤩🤩🤩🤩