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Jacqueline Whitney Book and 12 Mobile Fragrances

$100.00 $72.00
SKU: TFJW-Value Pack

dear heart that sees these words,

I share my heart with longing hope to attach on your heart simple truth. I write in the desperate hope to understand and care for my world. I was never a writer until life unexpectedly forced me to put my pain somewhere. years of one hardship after another became overbearing. My journal becomes my everything. I started sharing my unfiltered thoughts online in 2016. I'm 21 finding my way. I know we're all always finding our way, but for a while, I didn't feel any rhythm. Today, I can as I am grateful for my journey. I am grateful for every heart that reads my words. People inspire me. People give me constant hope in a world that loses hope like sand through my fingers. Thank you for bringing me into a moment or more of your personal journey. If you've read this far, I am sure you've been through something difficult in your life. I am proud of you for being where you are today. You're doing it. keep going. Thank you for being here.

With genuine love...


Book: One book included for Free with this group Purchase 

Mobile Fragrance:  Included in this package are two of each of the mobile fragrances and the One Book as stated above.

Fragrance Notes: 
Orange Blossom

This item is sold as an individual car air freshener with Side A printed & Side B printed. This item can be used in a drawer or closet.

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