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Arielle Tote Bag

SKU: 1200863271


If you ever thought you can’t conquer what’s coming your way in your life, we strongly suggest that you read the stories of these women who have empowered themselves and are actively & contagiously empowering others by first conquering their own internal Mt. Everest.

DON’T FUCK WITH ME is an emotion, strength, and ownership of power. Thompson Ferrier has been given the privilege of building this collection with the collaboration of Patricia Louisor-Brosset: Curator of the exhibition and editor, Geraldine Aresteanu: Photographer, Severine Charrier: Artistic Director, Juliette Brody: Correspondent US and the amazing group @Maisonten who were the catalyst to introduce me to DON’T FUCK WITH ME: Tom Blackie, Henri Myers & Carsten Klein with their very unique concept store Maison10 on 5th Ave. – a must-visit experience.

Without Maison10, Thompson Ferrier would not have been involved in this project. Take a moment to read the stories of the DON’T FUCK WITH ME ladies and the journeys they have traveled - Disease, Sexuality, Abuse, Gender identification and so much more. We are all lucky to have the DON’T FUCK WITH ME brand bring the stories of these ladies to us. We urge you to be the FIRST to read and understand the power behind these women.

10% of the proceeds from your purchase go to the Don't Fuck With Me organization.

This highly practical carryall Arielle tote bag is an ideal canvas bag to carry all your belongings in when you're on the go! This is more than just a tote bag, it's a symbol of solidarity amongst fearless and courageous women! "Don't Fuck With Me" is a movement and an attitude. WEAR IT PROUDLY! 

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Product Description:

.: 100% Cotton

.: Flat corners

Size Chart:

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