THE BUBBLE CRUSH CANDLE COLLECTION launched last week! A new obsession of mine! So far, the one fragrance that I have actually burned halfway in my home is the Ash Ember Rose.

Now we're going to get into the fragrances which are truly unique. I call it unique because creating the fragrance of a bouquet is of course a difficult, but creating something super unique is a little more challenging.

"Imagine being in a wealthy home that has aged wood in a library, that has aged leather on the seats, that has an aged fireplace with the smoke and the embers and that "year after year" of fire burning. Layer that with a rose overtone and then richness with some bourbon cognac fragrance and mix it all together. That's the ashy fragrance in here. The leather, the wood, the fireplace, the ember, the rose. It's such a complex fragrance.

It's pretty insane because I'm smelling them cold right now under my nose and taking in all the fragrance notes. From the Bubble Crush Collection, "Ash Ember Rose", which is this particular one, is burning in my home right now. It is unbelievably fresh and reminiscent of a home that's comfortable and that is a place where you come and relax. I am going to get into the other fragrances pretty soon.

But now, for today, the Ash Ember Rose is outstanding. So, try it! Anyone who gets it and doesn't like it, full refund! That's how good it is.



What does Blackberry Woods smell like? Like everything else, the Blackberry Woods fragrance has to have top, middle, and base notes.
The top note on this one is blackberries. I want you to think about the taste and scent of sweet ripe blackberries. The middle note is patchouli which is a potent sweet, musky and earthy scent and finally at the base we have the musk.
I always say that fragrance has to have a top note, middle note and bottom note to create a full-bodied perfume. The top note has to be in your face while the bottom one carries the fragrance. To get a better grasp on these fragrance notes, I want you to envision biting into a ripe blackberry and think about just how sweet it tastes. Recognize those flavors and scents? That's what lies at the top of this candle. Under the blackberry, you have patchouli. The description of patchouli as a scent sways between sweet and musky depending on the person, but this layer allows for a smooth transition to the musky and earthy bottom notes.
I love this black elephant scented candle in Blackberry Woods for this time of year because the fragrance is relevant to the season. The berries are starting to grow and the Earth is becoming fruitful, which makes this candle and its fragrance a symbol of welcoming Spring.



Today we’re going to talk about the Green Coco Palm.

What does the Green Coco Palm smell like? Hold- forget what it smells like for the moment, I'm going to take you somewhere.

Imagine it’s summertime at the pool next to the beach. You've been to a hotel where the pool is next to the beach and you've got the green palms, and you're sitting underneath them, and you've got those copper tones from the lotion wavering in the air. You've got all the green palm trees on one side and then the green grass on the other and the fruits hanging from the trees, the guava and all of that.

Am I taking you there?

That’s where you’re going to be with this. You're going to be poolside by the beach where you can smell it all. The sand, the fragrances of the tropics drifting through the air, the fruits, the copper tones from the tanning lotions, the green grass that was freshly cut yesterday, the moss on the grass. That is what you smell here when we take you away…

But there's something else- it has a fruity side as well that’s super cool.

This is the way to do it by the way, which is not to tell you about the smells inside the candle, but to take you somewhere- which is why I go into the fragrance world the way that I do. Which is “Where can I take you? Where have you been?” that I know I'm going to be able to recall in your memory. That’s what fragrance does.

So where am I taking you? Poolside.

It's not beachside. There's a big difference in fragrance between beachside and poolside. Poolside in a hotel next to the beach has a complex fragrance. You have the fragrance of the hotel, you got the piña colada smelling, you got the alcohol smelling next to you, you've got people with suntan lotions, then you've got the palm trees next to you, you got the cut grass, the driftwoods in there, it's all here.



You know how I bring you guys every day, if I can, but I haven't been able to, the fragrance of the day. In the time between winter and spring there is a particularly important fragrance that you need to have. We have it. It's called, Ivory musk. Now, pause for a second because the ivory musk has to have variations of aroma that is earthy, yet- not necessarily flowers, because why? The flowers have not blossomed yet, which is what I always say. Ivory musk has inside of it, in our fragrance category, coriander, ylang-ylang, rose, lichen, patchouli and vanilla. Now, we all know what coriander kind of smells like, which is a very refreshing soapy and this is the time to do that.

What the ultimate goal of the fragrance is, is to be mossy, earthy yet fresh, powdery a little hint of vanilla and a little bit of green so when you're looking at the coriander it is, what? It is a soapy limey fragrance and it's green in nature.

The ylang-ylang is a beautifully fragranced the sweet floral direction. And then you've got the rose. Always you have to have the rose as a note in there- not red rose by the way- the pink or yellow rose has a very current trending smell to it.

Then you've got the moss, the moss is really important because the moss will always give you that earthy undertone and it will always give you the base of a beautiful fragrance when you have, upstairs, the green the soapy, limey, fresh side to it.

Then you've got the Patchouli. Patchouli by nature is a musky fragrance with great hints of vanilla, which is why we include the vanilla in there to have that what they call liking. Liking in the business, by the way, for the record, is- you throw in a note that generates a “Hmm. I like this” but you do a very tiny amount.

So in total, the ivory musk, think of it this way- fresh, powdery, a little bit musky, a little bit earthy, has a brown side to it, has a white side to it, a little bit of green, which is not green grass, but green bark, and has the depth of combination between a white rose and a vanilla all together which sounds kind of interesting because at the end when you are whiffing it in a bouquet like this, what you're actually smelling is the current state of our time which is March.

March and especially the weather conditions today is a time when the cold has gone. The spring is not here, the Earth is thawing, the dirt is thawing, there are a lot of aromas coming and there are no flowers just yet. So a combination of all this is the Ivory musk, something fresh.



So today we are going to do again, the fragrance of the day, which is Myrrh Redwood.

Myrrh Redwood and Phoenician Myrrh are very similar in the family, but with a little twist. So, let's get into it because by definition Myrrh Redwood is a very spiritual incense-y direction. So what are the top, middle, bottom notes and so forth?

This thing starts with a tonka bean. Tonka bean is a bean that has a very “vanilla-type” direction with vanilla almond top notes.

Okay vanilla almond- these are the top notes, but you don't always smell the top notes. Remember you smell a bouquet. So when you get something like this and you say “Hm… Raffi said vanilla” No, it's not like that, it doesn't work that way. It works in the entire bouquet. Then its got a copal resin.

How do I describe this? A copal resin is a like a like a sweet tree because resin always comes from a tree so your bark-y type of aroma layered on top of the almond and vanilla and then you've got the frankincense. Frankincense by definition is incense, but it's a French word that means the best.

Why? Because the Perfume Candle King uses the best of everything! That's why it's called frankincense; it's not just incense. So that is the third tier of layering that we're talking about today. And then there is the myrrh resin.

Resin always comes from the residual of the tree. It's aromatically rich and pungent What does pungent mean? Pungent means it’s strong and always the dirty bottom creates the beautiful top notes- it's that mix. Always the mix is what makes it pungent. Okay. I'm just I'm just goofing but then you've got the super bottom notes, that heavy, which is a smoky redwood.

Now redwood is an extremely tall tree that in the base of it , there's really like really no rain. So it gets moist it gets dewy, it gets musty and that's when you get the entire bouquet- and it's in the in this Buddha because it's supposed to be zen. It’s supposed to be spiritual, which is why it's in here. You are looking at a nutty, incense-y, resin-y, pungent smell and that base of the tree- mossy, not wet but it's more like that tree bark dirt, ash and so forth. So when you light that when you light it it's a fiery smell. So the myrrh redwood is a take on our Phoenician myrrh. This is almost the sister fragrance of it.

So, fragrance of the day is Myrrh Redwood and it's in the Buddha because right after the holiday, what happens to everyone? They get huge credit card bills, and what do they do?

Stress! You want to de-stress? Light one of these…

Love you guys! Fragrance of the day, OUT!



This is a fragrance I just developed. It's still in testing and I need your help on deciding whether or not we should run it! For now, I've only made 7 of these black elephant candles with this new fragrance called..."Opulent Leather".

The scent is a combination of saffron, metallic rose, leather, patchouli, moss haze and tobacco and it's made with a blend of extremely rich essential oils.

Before I make this fragrance available to everyone, I need your help in testing it out, but I ONLY HAVE 7 of these in the black elephant! For the 7 of you who purchase this black elephant candle in Opulent Leather, I'm asking for your feedback on the fragrance.

I want to know how you guys feel about this blend of essential oils. DM me your thoughts on Instagram @thompsonferrier_nyc and tell me what you like, what you don't like and if you think we should run it! From that feedback, I will decide if Thompson Ferrier will make this fragrance available to the public in our black elephant candle.

To give you a better idea of what "mood" this sets, consider the following... It reminds me of the late evening, when the lights go down, the martinis come out, the candle gets lit and you're in a different mindset. 



Today we’re going to talk about the Orange Tango Mango. I've closed all of these so that the big bouquet of everything doesn’t confuse me. This way, I can completely focus on the Orange Tango Mango. First though, I want you to look at the difference in the wax color between the green and orange candles. Do you notice how one is more orange?

This is because the essential oils of this Orange Tango Mango come from the citrus- orange citrus, which is what makes this so fresh. Let me tell you what I'm smelling…

This candle, by the way is mandarin, orange, and slightly mango. It’s like being in a bowl of fruit- it really is that fresh. You know when you take a zest, and you squeeze it, and you can see all the spurts of juice? That’s what’s in here.

The Orange Tango Mango is in a very unique way, narrow in fragrance. I say narrow because it's not a big bouquet of multiple fragrances. You know those little tangerines that you get? It’s those tangerines, there’s also mango and there's a hint of pineapple skin in here that I can fantasize. Why can I fantasize it? Because when you think about the fruit category and the fruit smell it's what makes this Orange Tango Mango.

First of all, it's a very fun glass, look at this glass. Look at how dense it is, just look at the thickness of it. You see how beautiful that is? This is the Orange Tango Mango, which in essence is a very fruity, citrusy fragrance. For the record, I gotta tell you something- I have been told that my fragrances are now too strong.

Well, everyone's got to make up their mind- “Too strong, too weak, then the middle.” It seems that there's never the right amount, so I will always lean towards the very strong. Why?

Because you want to smell it when it's not lit. Why?

Because you want to be able to light it and say “Oh My G_d, I want this all over my house.” And then when you do light it, you don't want to wait 45 minutes for the fragrance to engulf your home. You want to smell now because you don't know when a neighbor is going to show up, a friend is going to show up and you got to light it to make the house smell good. Orange Tango Mango for the spring “super fresh, super clear, super citrusy, amazingly tangerine and mango scented.” Just spectacular.

I keep saying spectacular to all my fragrances. But of course I'm going to say that! They're my fragrances! I chose them! That's the way it goes- SPECTACULAR! Try it. I'm not going to do the challenge on every single one of them even though yesterday I started the challenge on the Ash Ember Rose, but there's a reason I did that, and it’s because it’s superbly unique.

While I call the Orange Tango Mango “narrow”, it is super citrusy and has a strong tango fragrance. The scent is as complex as I can make it, before it becomes no longer definable. That’s all I got for today. We’ve learned about the Orange Tango Mango and tomorrow? GREEN COCO PALM !



We're doing the fragrance of the day. And today it's going to be in this collection, this particular candle fragrance, which has no name. It's the pill bottle with all the pills on it. So let's get right into it, and I'm going to run down the fragrances that are inside of it.

By the way, before we start- the entire collection is an urban New York City genre, be it in Detroit, New York, wherever it is, it's an urban environment.

So take yourself to an urban environment. Think about what fragrances are coming in an urban environment, meaning- What are you smelling that is grimy and has all the components of what city life is all about. That's what this collection is- and inside of this, is a combination of sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather and amber. The question is, how does this all come together and become a collage or a bouquet of an urban fragrance? Mind you, you have to look at who the artist is behind this. It’s Dirt Cobain, and understand the reason- this is all of us, people, we in here are different color, different size, different everything. Everything about us is different on the blue planet, on a pill bottle. Why? There’s a story when you look on the site as to where this all originated from.

As far as the fragrance, sandalwood by the way is a creamy, woody fragrance that sometimes has like a little powdery note. Cedar, also, is woody again, but has an evergreen side to it and sometimes it has peach and apricot notations for the cedar’s fragrance. So now we're adding the sandalwood and the cedar together, and then we're adding cardamom to it. Cardamom, by the way, is a subtle scent flavor, which is like mildly spicy. It's got aromatic nutty components to it and has fennel and anise combinations. That is a very cardamom type spice. So now we've added the sandalwood, the cedar and the cardamom and then we've got violet. Violet has really not a strong smell but it gives you that little again powdery freshness to the bouquet.

Papyrus, I think most of us think of Papyrus as the paper that the Phoenicians or the Egyptians wrote on. So by default it is woody, it is dry, it has a little bit of spice in it. How do you say- “earthy” tones to it. And inside of the combination we have leather in this. Leather, by the way, is leather. You know, what leather smells like.

Now you're composing the fragrances of cedar, sandalwood, violet, cardamom, papyrus, leather and we add amber to it. Always you have to have what? The bottom, the base, the amber, gives you that base, musky, rich honey, like somewhat oriental earthy notes. This is all important because when you smell this and all those fragrances are in it you begin to smell a lot of pieces and then the total bouquet becomes an insanely rich, urban fragrance. The fragrance of the day is this particular one, which has no name by design because in this collection the fragrances have no names. It is the description that drives the fragrance. What I just described. And you have to look at it on the pills. You can swipe up or check it out. It's the “pills pills pills”. Just on a side note people this is all of us- okay? We are people, we are small, we are fat, we are skinny, we are different colors, but guess what? We're all in it together. You know how I am, I like stories! And you see? This is a pill bottle, you have to open it like that. Why? Because this is our pill- our pill is the love of life! U get me so high! we're going to get to that later.

Fragrance of the day, Perfume Candle King- going out!



Alright today, we're going to do the candle of the day, which is the skull the Monte Cristo Black Dantés Skull, but I can't pronounce it, so I'm getting the help of…

How do you pronounce it Sabine?

“Secret Sucré”

Which means?

“Sweet secret”- that is the name of the fragrance. So the fragrance of the day has the components- as I always do- the pomegranate, the tart cherry, the amber and the cognac. Those are the four elements one by one, we're going to go down the list and explain what this beautiful fragrance smells like. So pomegranate, let's start from the inner, the seed, the inside, the skin around the seed- start from there- has a distinct fragrance of green and then you add the tart winey aroma to the mix.  So that is a pomegranate. When you squeeze pomegranate, I think you guys know what that smells like. So hold that thought for a second.

Then you put the cherry on top- tart cherry, of course. Now, we're going to go back to the pit, and the cherry pit has like an almond-y smell and again you go back to the skin of the cherry and you squeeze that and you get that special fragrance that you smell in liquors and… what else… like in sweets, that cherry fragrance.

So now we've got the pomegranate we've got the tart cherry and then the amber. Why is the amber always important? Although it's the bottom, I have one more bottom on this one. We're going to go low low low on this. Okay, the amber always has that oriental, musky, heavy note that is woody that is your base. So so far we've created cherry on top, tart pomegranate on top then the amber- and then, what do we add to this? The cognac.

 Now the cognac is a grape. It's like it's a grape smell with like a ripe grape, ripe apricot, has a connotation of that, and definitely we have tobacco. Definitely we smell tobacco, leathery tobacco, but the entire ensemble becomes like somewhat of a floral fragrance because it's so heavy rich in the sub-notes, and the cherry and the pomegranate notes that the entire collection is a very rich burgundy-like, if you ever had a Sherry that is well-aged, that has complexities when you when you smell it. This is similar to that direction. So the fragrance of the day is the Black Danté which is this one comes in a an insanely beautiful box and there is the skull, right here.

And I cannot pronounce the secret sucré. Okay, I guess? Sabine- How do you say that? No? I guess I screwed up. But that's the fragrance of the day. Enjoy! The perfume Candle King, later!



I’m Introducing Two New Fragrances! 8 Years in the making, and we’ve finally perfected them…

Welcome “Sicilian Herbs Garden” & “Sparkling Grapefruit”. For all of our candles, we take these highly fragranced essential oils and hand pour them into a soy wax blend in which we add natural cotton wicks to provide you with the cleanest burn. So let’s get into it!

In the summertime, you want something herbal that reminds you of your garden as well as something fresh that reminds you of eating fruits poolside or on the beach. So we’re introducing: Sicilian Herbs Garden and Sparkling Grapefruit.

Sicilian Herbs Garden: You want to experience that outdoor garden fragrance? Smell the basil, thyme and herbs. Smell the lavender, the spearmint, the mandarin leaves, the zest, the ripe heirloom tomatoes. This fragrance takes me to that scene in the Godfather where he’s in Sicily with the beautiful trees…

Sparkling Grapefruit: Pink grapefruit has a zesty fragrance. This fragrance is all about summer, being outdoors and having a good time! You know the pomelo fruit, and how the zest flies in the air when you squeeze it? Take that fragrance and add water lilly, eucalyptus, driftwood, and a little bit of sea moss and that bouquet of fragrances just comes out so fresh and clean.

To be honest, I love burning these fragrances together because they take me away to a version of summer I fantasize about.



What exactly is a diet candle? Why would we even call it a diet candle? Most of the time when you use the word “diet” you're taking something out of it. In this particular case, we are taking the fragrance out. So these are empty for a reason. Why? Because I've been asked so many times to make candles that have no fragrance.

Who would use candles with no fragrance? Apparently, a lot of people. Why? Because they love to burn it, and they have guests, and they have dinner parties and they just want the romantic visual of it and not necessarily the fragrance. So what do we do? We come up with a candle or a fragrance that's called “the diet candle”, which has no fragrance. And it's all custom work. So it is on our site now you can order any one of these to make it look beautiful. Turn the candle on, have your dinners, make it romantic, and if you're allergic- some people are allergic to floral, some people are allergic in general and they don't know why they're allergic anything is possible. So, “diet candle”. The fragrance of the day is no fragrance.

No fragrance, but for now, no fragrance is available in the Elephant and the Buddha only. We will fill it for you if you select the “unscented” option in the dropdown.

Why? because you keep asking me for it and everyone did DM's me and says: “I love your candles, I want to display them and I would like to have it but I don't like fragrance.” Or, “I don't want any fragrance because I'm going to put on my dining room table or on the side table.” Whatever your reason is, here is your diet candle.

Something new again.



What is love? How do you define love?

Before I start, today's fragrance of the day is about this collection. But before we start, what is love?

Does anyone know? Is anyone able to put it into words? I can! Here's what I think love is… so 

Love is what somebody else makes you feel.

Think about that. 

If somebody gets you angry, it's what they did to make you feel. If you feel a certain way about someone and you feel an attraction. It's the way they made you feel. Love is how somebody else makes you feel. Why do I bring that up? What does it matter? Because I believe love is an addiction.

It's an addiction. It's a high. Let's explore that high. “U get me so high”

So the fragrance of the day is about getting high on love, that is what it is. So in the genre of this collaboration… 

So “U get me so high” is about how someone else makes you feel. An addiction… I'm going to start off by reading the artist because you guys know-before I get into even the fragrance notes- you guys know that this is an artist, Dirt Cobain, who says the following:

“U get me so high” is a metaphor- for all of you who are going to complain later on that this is a an addiction issue, I'm going to squash it now and say it's about love. It's about work. It's about the kids. It's about art, but let me tell you what he says:

“U get me so high” is a metaphor for anything that you can't stop doing. If you stay up at night and won't get paid and are working is that an addiction or is that love? Anything that you always go back to, that one girl that one guy, what do they smell like? It's an addiction? No, it's a high. So anything that gives you a natural high.

What's in here captures that natural high. Love, Life, Sex, Art. Every one of us has got something.

So the question is what have we done… Wait, wait, oh the pill bottle! Why? Because addictions are not for everyone, they're not for everyone.

Okay now we're going to talk about the fragrances.

Well, I'm going to name the fragrances first. So you get the bouquet, as I always say, and then we'll go from there. Lemon, saffron, apricot, eucalyptus, violet and cedar.

Now let's begin with lemon. Lemon is fresh, fragrant and is therapeutic when the oils get on your fingers, it’s super fresh. Why? Because love is fresh. That's what love is about. It's fresh! And then you get saffron. What is saffron about? It’s leathery, it’s deep, it’s rich, its soft, it's intimate, it's earthy and it's sometimes the base of everything.

So now you got the fresh and the saffron. What is apricot? Now all of you who have a dirty mind, get your mind out of the gutter because apricot is a beautiful lush, sweet, juicy aroma, like an amaretto type little fuzzy beautiful fruit. Ow smell that, ok? Now we now we pile on the lemon this saffron, the apricot and then you add eucalyptus. Why is eucalyptus important in here?

It's a minty calming fragrance that puts you in a zen mode. So now here we have all the elements of how we build this love affair.

Now Violet, I've told you before violet has practically no smell but it creates a “powdery” note and the “powdery” is part of that freshness. So when you meet a guy you meet a girl or you fall in love with something it is always about everything right? It's about the dirty, the beauty, the fresh, the mud, it's all how you compose that love affair. Lastly the cedar wood- What is Cedar Wood? It's an evergreen and the beauty of all this is because you end up creating a an overall therapeutic- a little bit on the dirty side- fresh fragrance that has a grimy, I say grimy because the leather in the saffron creates that grimy feeling. So because this is an urban group here, here we are with the total bouquet. 

So “U get me so high” is an addiction to a few things in your life that you can't do without, you don't even want to do without, you are happy to be addicted to it! If it's love, if it's art, if it's X, if it's whatever, it is your addiction, and that's what this is about.

Now, we have to thank Dirt Cobain for creating the art and being a part of this program. It is phenomenal.

Perfume Candle King out



The dialogue today is about the Yellow Bumble Honey. So without going into the deep makeup notes of it, I'm going to describe the Yellow Bumble Honey as I smell it. This, by the way is sweet honey-smelling.

Have you ever had a candle that is sweet honey smelling? Have you ever tried it?

Honey comes from flowers, as you know. It's from a bumblebee, which is why we call it yellow bumble honey- you see that? - because the bumblebee goes where? It goes to all the flowers, to the pollen, and then extracts it and creates the honey out of it.

It is that bouquet of all the flowers that come together to create this sweet honey smell. I'm going to leave it at that because if I begin to layer it with the actual fragrances that are in it, it's a little confusing. Those are the notes of the yellow bumble honey.

We have here, lemon leaf lotus, lemon basil, bamboo etc. Why do we describe the layering inside of it? Because in the bamboo, you have to create the green and in the lemon basil, you have to create the citrus. The basil gives you the green and the lemon leaf and the lotus give you the flowers, that's what it takes to create one super focused note that your nose is picking up in a form of a bouquet.

Incredible... I tell you, it's incredible...

I know I feel like a broken record because I always say: "it's incredible." How many of these fragrances can be incredible? Why would I put out a fragrance if it's not incredible? Why? And nobody laugh by the way, okay?

It's true. Incredible, absolutely incredible... Very sweet, very fresh, very summery. It's one of the go-to winners.

Yellow bumble honey. Let's do the next one tomorrow.

Love you guys!