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Blemished Silver Grande Buddha

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Our Silver Buddha Grande candle is a bigger than life-sized version of our signature Buddha collection and comes with a decorative lid.

Each candle is detailed by hand to ensure that every aspect of our design stands out in your home. This masterpiece comes with a lid that features a branded handle so that you can cover the wax inside should you want to keep it on display without adding fragrance to the room. Every vessel is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils fragranced by Swiss perfume house Givaudan and cotton wicks to provide a clean burn.

Vessel Size: 12"X12"12"
Weight: 480 oz.
Burn Time: 3500-4000 hours


Customer Reviews

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Sam Ayala
Silver Grande Buddha

Wow! I highly recommend this beautiful vessel with long lasting candle. The fragrance is aromatic and the scent lingers. I love the quality of this vessel. It elevates any space and is a substantial ceramic with incredible details and quality craftsmanship. Love it. 🥰

Manifestation & Blessings

This silver Grande Buddha is absolutely stunning. Looks so beautiful with the current furniture in my home. I am a self care coach and lifestyle designer at Unika B. & Co. this candle is used to set intention as well as enhance my mood through aromatherapy. I also have the Grande Buddha in gold, the scent is pomegranate….. that’s on the landing of my staircase, uh so gorg!