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Reed Diffuser Gardenia

SKU: Reed Diffuser Gardenian

Gardenia Reed Diffuser

177ml of pure Gardenia from my Gardenia perfumed candle in reed diffuser form.  These are from my private stash, but I'm giving them to friends who LOVE my gardenia fragrance.

You're bound to fall in love with this  perfume. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GET UPSET WITH ME THAT I DON'T HAVE MORE... 

I cant tell you how beautiful this smells.  

Use instructions: 

  • Do not place this on anything but glass.  (use a coaster)
  • Every morning take it into your sink and turn the reeds over once.
  • Do not let any oil drip on any wood as it will destroy it.  

 Reed diffuser will last 6 months.


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