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Value Pack Poetry Collection- Zach Whitman

$112.00 $90.00

Thompson Ferrier and NYC artist and poet Zach Whitman have collaborated to create a candle gift set including 4 poetry candles.

Each candle is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and a single cotton wick to provide a clean burn. Every vessel is made of amber glass and comes as a jar with a black plastic cover that covers the candle when not lit.

This is a great value deal if you're looking to give someone a sentimental gift or if you're just looking for a great bundle.

Value pack including 4 separate poems:

- 1 “Change” scented candle in Cassis Pomegranate
- 1 “Beauty” scented candle in Gardenia
- 1 “Understand” scented candle in Palo Santo
- 1 “Future” scented candle in Myrrh Redwood

Each candle is valued at $28 each for a total of $112.
Our value pack is $90 for a $22 savings!