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Dirt Cobain 2020 Candle Collection (Set of 4)

$170.00 $140.00

This candle collection in collaboration with Dirt Cobain is a set of 4 candles with fragrances inspired by the emotions of 2020. Each candle has a symbolic message from various artists that Dit Cobain has been inspired by that inspires him to see an optimistic future beyond the volatile year that has been, 2020. 

Every candle from this collection is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and a single cotton wick that provides a clean burn. Each vessel is made of glass and features a plastic child-proof cap to replicate the design of a real pill bottle.

Each of these vessels has a message. "Fuck 2020" is an expression of how we all feel amidst uncertainty and earth shattering change. "I was dreamin when I wrote this" is an ode to a better future, inspired by the lyrics of Prince's song "1999" which talks about freedom, dancing and joy. "Let's Dance" was inspired by David Bowie and his song "Let's Dance" that's upbeat, cheerful, and brings life to an entire room. The last one, "Gotta Have Faith" is inspired by George Michael's song "Faith" which touches upon the faith and strength you need to have to go into the unknown when you know something better for you is out there.

Fill your home and your friends homes with these optimistic messages and expressions and indulge in the aromatherapies that will brighten up your mood and living spaces.

Specifications Per Candle:

Candle Burn time: 40-60 hours

Wax Weight: 280g / 10.5oz

Vessel Size: 2.5" X 5" X 2.5"

Fragrance Notes:

"Fuck 2020": Tropical Evergreen 

"Gotta have faith: Myrrh Redwood: Tonka Bean, Copal Resin, Frankincense, Myrrh Resin, Smoky Redwood, Fiery Incense

"I was dreamin when I wrote this": Lavender Oud

"Let's Dance": Ash Ember Rose: Smoked Santal, Amber Oud, Vetiver, Vanilla