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Don't Fuck With Me - Palo Santo


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Each glass vessel candle from this collection is individually hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils and a single cotton wick to provide a clean burn. The candle features a white sticker that reads "Don't Fuck With Me" that stands in solidarity with the movement. 

This glass candle is meant to be put on display and stand out as a statement piece in your home as part of your bold decor. Decorate with it and fill your home with fragrance. 

Candle Burn Time:  60 - 80 hours
Wax Weight: 9.5oz/270g
Vessel Size:  3" x 3" x 3.25"

Fragrance Notes:  Palo Santo: Tobacco Flower, Whipped Vanilla, Creamy Woods, White Birch, and Timur Pepper



If you ever thought you can’t conquer what’s coming your way in your life, we strongly suggest that you read the stories of these women who have empowered themselves and are actively & contagiously empowering others by first conquering their own internal Mt. Everest.

DON’T FUCK WITH ME is an emotion, strength, and ownership of power. Thompson Ferrier has been given the privilege of building the candle line with two distinct spiritual fragrances with the collaboration of Patricia Louisor-Brosset: Curator of the exhibition and editor, Geraldine Aresteanu: Photographer, Severine Charrier: Artistic Director, Juliette Brody: Correspondent US and the amazing group @Maisonten who were the catalyst to introduce me to DON’T FUCK WITH ME: Tom Blackie, Henri Myers & Carsten Klein with their very unique concept store Maison10 on 5th Ave. – a must-visit experience.

Without Maison10, Thompson Ferrier would not have been involved in this project. Take a moment to read the stories of the DON’T FUCK WITH ME ladies and the journeys they have traveled - Disease, Sexuality, Abuse, Gender identification and so much more. We are all lucky to have the DON’T FUCK WITH ME brand bring the stories of these ladies to us. We urge you to be the FIRST to read and understand the power behind these women.

10% of the proceeds from your purchase go to the Don't Fuck With Me organization.

Customer Reviews

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Was given this candle as a gift and am in love, it’s soft aroma and soothing flame calm my PTSD and Anxiety etc etc.. I have been through it to say the least! But am a survivor and I love what this candle stands for.
I encourage everyone to read the testimony don’t just scroll past, you will understand the truth to this statement and how it resonates within the meaning and so much more!! Thank you @ThompsonFerrier ~ For keeping it real and bringing the dark to light.❤️

Great service

Excellent company to do business with. When I sent them an e-mail asking about the delivery of my order, they immediately responded and remained in touch until the delivery.

Epic gift!

Gave as a gift. Loved the materials candle came with and who doesn’t love matches!
Will purchase again hopefully for myself.

thank you for making this candle..... I Love it!

I am all about supporting a cause specially this one. the palo santo scent is perfect when you just want a moment to yourself and clear you mind. I put it on in the morning to start my day. You should watch the videos to better understand.


I just got mine in the mail. I LOVE this scent! The candle burns slow and evenly and smells amazing filling the room with its delicious scents even when unlit.
Who can't get behind a good cause as well? I ended up ordering several to give as gifts. Who knew the message would relate to so many situations. I highly recommend this candle, just order multiple because you are going to want to share them with your friends.