Discovery Set | 4 Candles

$475.00 $730.00


Our candle discovery set is a selection of 4 different candles chosen in-house by Raffi as a way to explore Thompson Ferrier's best-selling pieces of the season.

You will receive (1) Buddha, (1) Elephant, (1) Malus Apple & (1) Sagano Bamboo candle in a variety of fragrances and colors chosen from our selection of 60 scents and 4 color shades. 

If you're looking to explore Thompson Ferrier candles, but don't know what to choose, let us choose for you. Our candles are made with a proprietary wax blend, all natural essential oils and cotton wicks.

Total Value $730 | Bundle Cost $475

Buddha Candle (Value $195) - Burn Time: 220 - 240 hours
Elephant Candle (Value $175) - Burn Time: 200 - 220 hours
Malus Apple Candle (Value $185) - Burn Time: 180 - 220 hours
Sagano Bamboo Candle (Value $175) - Burn Time: 210 - 220 hours

Customer Reviews

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Essentials Discovery Set | 4 Candles

The Discovery candles set, is one of the best experience in luxury candles design made in the USA. Opening the first box and getting the golden apple with the black elephant in the second box then opening the third box and getting the golden Buddha, moments later the four box and getting the silver Sagano bamboo candle. My wife was extremely moved. I was behaving like a small child with his first Christmas gift. The magnificent fragrances coming from this 4 candles was incredible.
Gardenia, Ember Rose, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose , Ivory musk, Leather and Eucalyptus. Thank you Raffi for creating and sharing this master piece of Luxury candles