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Discovery Set | 3 Candles

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Discovery Set | 3 Candles V3: This surprise candle set was created for those who want to explore the Buddha the Sagano & Malus collections. Raffi has hand picked his favorite fragrances and vessel colors to create an individualized bouquet of candles for Summer 2024.

"If you don't know what you like, let me introduce you to some things."- Raffi

Raffi has picked your all year collection

  • White Buddha - Gardenia  (Makes you feel summer)
  • Gold Sagano - Champagne Rose (Makes you feel sexy)
  • Silver Malus - Jasmine Lily  (Makes you feel sweet flower garden)

Each Thompson Ferrier candle is hand poured with a proprietary wax blend, essential oils and cotton wicks that provide a clean burn. Each of our vessels is ceramic and finished by hand.

 This candle value pack is a great bundle for those who are curious about styling their living spaces with elegant and intricately designed home decor but don't know which first step to take. 

Buddha Candle (Value $195) - Burn Time: 220 - 240 hours 
Sagano Bamboo Candle (Value $175) - Burn Time: 210 - 220 hours
Malus Candle (Value $185) - Burn Time 180-200 hours

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Gala Daley

Spectacular transformation. That's what happens to room,scent,touch,vision, takes you away into utopia.