Supernova | Pure Silver Clear Glass Buddha Royale



Experience the ultimate in modern luxury and elegance with our Thompson Ferrier Supernova Clear Glass Buddha Candle lined with Pure Silver. Each candle is hand-sculpted and hand-poured in the USA with only the finest essential oils curated by Swiss perfume house Givaudan, evoking the tales of modern luxury and glamour.

Our signature Supernova clear glass Buddha vessel, designed in our NYC office, is a symbol of clarity and purity. The vessel is lined with pure silver, adding a touch of contemporary luxury and elegance. The vessel is filled with a proprietary wax blend and finished with 3 wicks, providing a clean and long-lasting burn. The elegant clear design and silver lining adds a touch of sophistication to your living room or bedroom, and the fragrance will transport you to a world of modern luxury and glamour.

Experience the ultimate in luxury home decor, fragrance, and storytelling with our Thompson Ferrier Supernova Clear Glass Buddha Candle lined with Pure Silver. The candle comes packaged in our black signature Thompson Ferrier box.

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Cocoa & Peony

Middle Note: Litchi & Patchouli

Base Note: Rose & Ginger

Burn Time

220-240 hours

Vessel Size

6.5" x 6.5" x 7" / 16.5cm x 16.5cm x 17.8cm

Wax Weight

40 oz / 1200g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

These candles are the absolute best! I have bought over 40 to 50 candles from Thompson Ferrier! Maybe more. Raffi could let you know the actual number. Raffi, please let them know how many candles I have bought.

I was never a candle guy. I saw him on Tik Toc one day. I bought one.

I’m now lighting his candles every night as soon as I get home. Amazing. His candles are gorgeous and smell wonderful!

Thanks Raffi!
Brian from Wisconsin

Lynda Evans

This was sent a a surprise THANK YOU gift for a very special friend. She oooo'ed and aaahhhhh'ed over every little detail...premiere packaging and Supernova!! She took pictures of various placements in the house and her voice sang with pleasure.
I couldn't have been happier. I know she will be knocking on your door to place further orders. Thank you for truly fulfilling what you promised!!! Lynda

Love, love, love!

These candles are to die for, I’ve got 3 and about to purchase my 4th glass Buddha head candle. They are gorgeous, smell amazing and look stunning as decor pieces too. Well done Rafi, they’re amazing.

Sal Fuentes

Loved opening the package to find an amazing candle with a beautiful scent. I’m hooked!

Jamie Lerner
Lost In Translation

I purchased this gorgeous candle as a gift to a very important person in my life and through the chat asked for a gift card to be included with a very special message that specifically wrote which I was assured would happen and the gift arrived with no such card and my friend had no idea who it was from and was very confused. This being said I felt let down by your company.

Hi Jamie, We apologize for letting you down. We hope that your friend was able to enjoy the candle nevertheless and appreciated your wonderful gesture ❤️ We will pay extra attention to this moving forward.