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Pink Passionfruit Punch


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Pink Prosecco Punch

Indulge in the playful and bubbly scent of pink prosecco with Thompson Ferrier's Pink Prosecco Punch candle. Designed with the vibrant energy of NYC in mind, this candle adds a touch of charm and fun to any room in your home.

The pink glass vessel, adorned with a whimsical design, is hand-filled with all-natural essential oils and a proprietary wax blend for a clean burn. The single cotton wick provides a steady flame, perfect for setting the mood and filling your space with the delightful fragrance of pink prosecco.

Whether you're hosting a party or simply relaxing at home, this candle will transport you to a playful and carefree state of mind. Add a touch of joy and celebration to your home decor with the Pink Prosecco Punch candle from Thompson Ferrier. Enjoy our Bubble Crush collection.

Fragrance Notes

Top Note: Passionfruit & Passionflower

Middle Note: Pineapple & Litchi

Base Note: Bergamot & Coconut

Burn Time

60 - 80 hours

Vessel Size

3" x 3" x 4.5"

Wax Weight

9.5 oz/270g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wonderful Candle 🕯️

Wife loves it! Candle smells amazing. I want to say like honey suckles. Strong enough to make any room smell delicious. Would buy again!

I had an issue with lack of Scent on this candle but feel its a one off. CS response was Great

I received a phone call from Jack who is apologized and is making things right. I want to thank Jack for responding and makings things right and I will be ordering again in the future and feel this was just a 1 off issue. Jack has made it right and I could not be happier. They had been busy and just had not got around to seeing my issue I reported. A++++ on response and I will continue to be a customer in the future. Thank you TF for the explanation and response. Very Gracious. I simply adore your products.


I love this vessel, as a candle maker myself I can verify that Thompsons candles are top notch! The vessel is beautiful too and can be very versatile after it burns such as a cute little flower vase, a pen/stationary holder, and more I love it! The scent is divine too :)

Ordered two more!

This is one scent I don’t want to live without so I bought two more :) I considered gifting but nah these bring me too much joy. Amazing throw, beautiful quality vessel and such a pretty scent. I would love to see this scent added as an option for the larger TF vessels. This isn’t a overly floral or prefumey scent. There’s a very nice balance between the two. I’m picking up something that cuts both very nicely. At any rate, you can’t go wrong with this one if you like feminine scents.


This candle is everything. When you smell it your sense of smell arose. I love it. I need to stock up on this one for sure. The entire house smells amazing.I totally recommend it.