Silver Drip Candle


Each Thompson Ferrier Drip (Penis) candle is individually hand poured with a soy wax blend, all natural essential oils perfumed by Swiss fragrance house Givaudan and single cotton wick that provides a clean burn.

This silver candle is made of ceramic and hand finished to ensure that every detail stands out. Looking for a bold statement piece? Check out this Drip (Penis) candle and place it on your living room coffee table as a centerpiece. It's bound to be a show stopper. 

The silver Drip (Penis) candle also makes for a great witty gift for friends. I'm sure a couple people came to mind when you saw this that made you think "OMG They would love this!"

Wax Weight: 15 oz/ 425 g
Burn Time: 120-150 hours
Vessel Size: 4.5" X 6" X 3"

Fragrance Notes:
Masculine: Musky, tobacco, amber, moss

Customer Reviews

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Silver Drip Candle

Everyone starts laughing as soon as the drip is in front of is great conversation with many laughs. Love it!

Love It!

My most commented on IG post for sure! Gorgeous in person! Quite the conversation starter! Thank you Rafi! XOXO

Silver drip candle

Sent this to my cousin for her birthday! These candles are substantial and the scents are high quality. My cousin loves it (she has a good sense of humor!).